Top Five Highest Paid Female Pornstars in The World

Top Five Highest Paid Female Pornstars in The World

A list of the highest paid porn stars in the entire world. Some of these figures will shock you totally.

Top 5 Highest Paid Female Pornstars In The World

Sex can really be a lucrative business and the sex industry is really making a lot of money for a lot of people, and I guess we all know that by now. Actors and actresses in the adult movie industry are really making serious money from the industry.

Without further ado I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the top 5 highest paid female pornstars in the world.

 1.      Jenna Jameson- This beautiful blonde woman is believed to be the highest paid female pornstar in the world. She is also billed as the most famous porn star in the world. She is a multi-millionaire. Jenna is believed to make millions of dollars every year from the porn industry.

2.      Tera Patrick – Tera comes in at second place in the list of the highest paid female porn actresses. Tera once worked as a nurse but decided to quit and go full time into the adult movie industry as she saw more prospects there for herself. And indeed she was right. Tera now owns a $30 million-plus production company called Tera Vision.

3.      Maria Takagi – is a Japanese pornographic actress and is Japan’s highest paid starlet. Maria once used to be a singer but abandoned her singing career and signed a deal with one of Japan’s biggest Adult movie companies. The deal was worth almost $3 million. She is believed to be making an average of $86,000 per film.

4.      Houston – Houston comes in at the fourth place in the top earners list. According to reports she made over $1 million dollars in 1999 alone from the porn industry. Besides appearing in movies Houston also does other stuff on the side like strip shows and club appearances. She has been reported to be making about $20,000 a week just from strip club appearances alone.

     5. Hillary Scott – this young and beautiful blonde woman has been called the wildest girl in the adult movie  industry. Hillary is believed to have signed “the largest porn contract in history” with a six-figure deal with Sexz Pictures.

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